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4-D0001-01 Add On Rail Assembly

4-D0001-01 Add On Rail Assembly

SKU: 4-D0001-01

Want to run dual trimmers in series? Maybe triples? Running multiple trimmers in series increases throughput dramatically when trimming both dry or wet. The best way to accomplish this is add the 4-D0001-01 to any starter Rail Set (4-C0001-01). The Dual Rail Assembly creates the foundation to place multiple TR-1 Commerical trimmers on 


By combining the 4-C0001-01 and the 4-D0001-01 this can be easily accomplished. The 4-D0001-01 is made from 6061 T6 alluminum and stainless steel fasteners, which combine for a rugged rail assembly which will be there for years to come. 

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